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Commercial Claims

Based in Dublin, Capital Claims have successfully helped many businesses with claims ranging from theft to arson and everything in between.

We have the experience and ability to professionally handle your commercial claim no matter what damage your business has suffered.

When your business suffers property damage,  equipment and machinery damage caused by fire, floods, storms, burst pipes, theft, etc., you may be forced to close for a period of time. Apart from the obvious structural damage or physical damage incurred by incidents such as burst pipes and storm damage, there is also the interruption to the running of your business which needs to be taken into account. It is important to have your business interruption claim prepared and assessed correctly by a professional loss assessor before it is submitted to the insurance company.

When your livelihood and business is at stake, it is critical that your claim is handled by a professional loss assessor with experience in dealing with similar incidents. 

Cian O'Herlihy of Capital Claims will help you and your business to receive a full entitlement, therefore ensuring that you get the full benefit of your insurance policy.

Capital Claims have been successful in obtaining significant compensation for numerous clients in respect of business interruption as a result of closures brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you would like to talk to us further about your circumstance, and how we can help make your commercial insurance claim, please call us, fill out the contact form below, or fill out our form on our Contact page, and we will get back in touch with you. 

Business Interruption Claims

Business Interruption losses can be greater than business owners anticipate. It goes without saying that it is extremely important to have your claim assessed by a professional Loss Assessor who will ensure that your claim is properly submitted. 

Getting you and your business back on your feet is our priority at Capital Claims, and we have 15 years experience in settling business interruption claims all across Ireland. 

With our in-depth knowledge of business interruption insurance claims and settlement procedures, we will negotiate on your behalf to maximise your entitlement under your insurance policy.

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Business Interruption
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Theft & Malicious Damage

Protection for your business when you need it most. We will submit, negotiate and recover your claim in the aftermath of malicious damage, vandalism or burglary.

If your property suffers malicious damage or break-ins, Capital Claims can help you to claim the loss under your insurance policy and help you get your business back on it's feet again.


Fire Damage Insurance Claim

A fire in your business or place of work can lead to loss of earnings for an extended period of time. On top of this the damage from both the fire and smoke needs to be dealt with professionally.

Smoke damage in  itself can spread to into areas of your business that may not be obvious or visible to you.


Due to it's very nature, smoke gets into every nook and cranny of your home, even finding ways into electrical appliances like your laptop and tv.

The soot in the smoke is extremely corrosive and will cause serious damage to electrical appliances.

Places of work with extensive fire and smoke damage need to be professionally cleaned by experts with experience in dealing with this kind of damage.

Capital Claims have years of experience in helping businesses to get back on track after they suffer disruption due to a fire.

Fire Damage
Storm and Flood Damge
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Storm Damage & Flood Damage 

If you experience storm damage at your building or commercial premises you will often be required to carry out emergency storm damage repairs in order to prevent further damage to the property.

It is essential to get Expert advice and assistance when dealing with storm damage repairs. Storm and flooding damage often effects the building structure. This occurs frequently in Ireland during our stormy winter period. Gale force winds, and increasingly powerful winter storms result in flooding and rain water accessing the property.

Storm damage can cause a lot of stress and misery. Capital Claims Loss Assessors can help you recover from unexpected storm damage and claim for your insured costs and expenses along with providing specialist repair contractors to do the works.


So if faced with storm damage, give us a call and we will professionally process your claim and help you to get a successful outcome.

Commercial Property Damage Claims

Capital Claims specialise in dealing with commercial Building damage and other property damage can have a catastrophic effect on your business, as well as your ability to trade.  

Property damage at your place of work can range from a simple leaking pipe or burst water tank to large scale building collapse.

The variety and types of damage that might occur is extensive and it’s important that you seek professional help as soon as possible after an incident has occurred.


Capital Claims are here to offer support and to help get your business back trading. We will take the hassle of filing your claim and dealing with your insurance company so that you can concentrate on getting into your normal business routine again.

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Commercial Property Damage

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